In Writing, Nothing Replaces Hard Work

Nothing replaces hard work.


That’s the way it is in Bob Collins’ world. So if you got some other opinion like “smart” work replaces hard work, read the sentence before this one again. It says in my world nothing replaces hard work. That’s an opinion and you just can’t argue them things. Case closed. In your world it might be something else. I don’t give a shit. You’re in Bob Collins land when you come around here.

Like I said, nothing replaces hard work, but that might be because I’m a slow thinker and I don’t write too fast, so I have to write extra hard.

No matter what I write, I gotta rewrite it like 20 times before I get it somewhat readable.

That’s the case with a little story I’ve been working on. It’s called ONE MEAN VAMPIRE. And I’ve been dicking with it for a month and a half. The motherfucker is around 11k words right now, so for $.99 US it’s quite a bargain (whenever I get it up for sale).

But it’s been a hard road to write this little masterpiece. Every night I’m bashing my head against the wall, writing a paragraph, then bashing my head against the wall again because I don’t know what to write next. The same way it was hard writing vol 1 of my autobiography. One struggle after another. That story went through many iterations before I distilled it to what you can now buy here.

I know this is just the way my writing career will go. When Dean Wesley Smith says this new world of ebook publishing will benefit the fast writer, I just throw my hands up. Once again, I ain’t optimized for the world and I’m gonna pay for it one way or another.

That only leaves me one choice.

I’m gonna do what I learned what to do now. Keep my nose to the grindstone and produce what I can. The only way I can.

It might not be your way. But it’s the only way I got.