What Do You Stand For? Personal Branding With Bob Collins

When was the last time you thought about what you stand for?

No, fuck your “personal” brand for a second. Let’s focus on you. Because right now I don’t give a fuck what your brand is.

I wanna know what you stand for when I read about you. I want my head filled up with only ideas you can put there. I wanna know what shit makes you burn. What is it about the world that makes you mad? What makes you happy? What makes you unique?

If you can’t answer them things, you can’t have a true and authentic personal brand. You’ll just be looking like that douche in the stylish clothes who’s trying too hard to look stylish–and failing.

So, what do you stand for?

Don’t expect no one else to answer that but you. Okay, fine, some people can give you hints, but that’s all.

Take my brand as an example: I call it BOB COLLINS’S STORYTELLING SEX SECRETS. It stands for stupidity and regret–and buttloads a sex. How do I achieve this? Easy: I do stupid things and regret the things I do. Instead a changing myself for the better–which would be too damned hard–I just decided to make my weaknesses my brand. Of course, since I’m a alpha male, I never admit I regret nothing, but the truth is I do–most a the time. But you’ll never hear me say that.

That reminds me. My personal brand also stands for being the biggest alpha male a all time known to have an intensely satisfying penis.

It’s the authenticity that gives a brand weight. 11 & 3/4″ a authenticity.

But, and this is the point I wanna make, where did my personal brand come from? That’s easy. It came from who I am by nature. I didn’t go collecting a bunch a things from other people just cuz they were cool. I’m just going with who I am. That’s all you got to work with.

I’m a alpha male. I got a big dick. I’m a stupid man who does stupid things. And I regret a lot a the stuff I done.

Right there, that’s my brand.

And I love every little bit about me. Because I’m so fucking adorable.

So, this is my only advice to all you blogging newbies:

Make your brand come out a you, don’t make yourself conform to a synthesis a something you ripped off from half a dozen other people.

It all comes out a you or it’s nothing.

So I just wanna leave you with a closing thought. If you are building a personal brand, get yourself a logo. Because I can’t tell you apart from anybody else without one.


One comment on “What Do You Stand For? Personal Branding With Bob Collins

  1. […] might be normal to the men out there who are anatomically proportionate. But me? After all a the branding I’d done in Lakewood, I shouldn’t a gone more than a few hours without going to bed […]

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