Bob’s Biggest Secret

I know I try to come off as a hardass all the time. Usually I’m pretty good at it; I get in fights and win at least half the time. But there’s other times I’m a hardass too. Like all a them times I said I ain’t never been in love until I met Janice. Well, that just ain’t true. I was in Love with one other girl a long time ago.

Her name was–well, I’ll just call her Belle–her name was Belle. I ain’t never spoken about her before because even years after all them disasters happened just the thought a her still hurts me. And there ain’t really any reason for me to talk about her now other than I’m alone in my hotel room in Bangkok, I’ve just fucked four sour-faced whores, and for some stupid reason I miss her.

Call me a dumbass because I am one. You gotta be stupid to still think about that one that got away when you’ve done fucked half a Cleveland and half a Bangkok in the meantime.

It was always my way to see women for what they are–interchangable places to stick my dick.

But not Belle. There was something diffefent about. Not really sure what it was that was different about her but I could sense it the way I knew all a them other broads weren’t nothing.

And that’s all I’m gonna say for now.

Belle, if you’re out there, I just wanna let you know I still miss you.


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