Reading Is Important You Dumb Assholes!

The world is full a dumb assholes. And the dumbest a the dumb are those dumb motherfuckers who don’t wanna read. I only got two words for you:

“Fuck you!”

I was one a those assholes a long time ago. Fact is, any time I saw a book attached to someone’s hands, that was a sign that person needed his ass kicked. And if a female happened to be holding that book, she deserved to get fucked up the ass as hard as I could do it. My intention was to draw blood, cuz seeing people read caused me more pain than Big Ole Cock up the poop chute.

But I’ve changed my tune. Ever since Janice’s death, when I tried to write my account of my relationship with her, which you can buy here for only $.99, I learned writing is a very hard thing to do well. There’s grammar, for starters. I still ain’t very good at it, but the more I read, the more I learn.

Then there’s scenes. You can’t really build a story without a bunch od scenes. It’s really tricky to make a scene that gets the reader’s undivided attention. I think I get close to that point once in a while but I ain’t the best judge.

Structure is even tougher to handle. A lot a people think there’s only one structure and for all I know they’re right. I just haven’t read enough to figure out if there’s more than one. I had the idea that Notes From Underground might shake thing up but I ain’t read it yet. So I don’t know.

When I write my shit I try to follow that main structure. There’s a lot a people that do it; it’s tried and true. Ain’t no skin off of my nuts if I don’t reinvent the wheel everytime I set out to write a fiction.

But the real important thing you learn when you read is about patterns. Our brains are patters machines, little looms trying to make tapestries out a the raw materials of life all around us. We look at the world, see the chaos, and try to make sense of it all by organizing all of what we see into abstract patterns. That’s what I learned by reading. The better you can do this, the better writer you’re gonna be.

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