A Vampire Here, A Vampire There; or, What the Hell is Bob Collins Up to Now?

Okay, let’s get one thing straight — I know I’m a fuck-up. I don’t need some douche bag reminding me every minute of my life that anything near to me eventually gets ruined. I understand it. I been watching it happen for damn near forty years. It ain’t gonna chane no matter how much you tell me it should.

I’m working on another story. Most of my time is spent in the boardinghouse either reading or writing. If you know anything about Bob Collins you know he don’t jump on no bandwagons. That’s why I, Bob Collins, would like to announce he is working on a vampire story.

But it ain’t like other vampire stories. This is a Bob Collins vampire story. So what does that mean? There’s a lot of sex and whores. Why should I change the way I live my life just because some vampires get involved. It’s still in its first draft, but I expect the climax, as in most a my work, to be something special.

What other news do I have? I popped a zit today. It was on my shoulder. Now it’s all over the wall.

I know there is a version of my autobiographical novella at the Kindle store. But it’s a flawed version. I’m working on a brand new polish for that sonofabitch and I expect it to be done and up for sale by the end of the month. It’s only 99 cents. That ain’t a bad price for a few laughs and some sex scenes. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? Grow some nuts. Live a little.

I was gonna say something else but I have like 19 beers in my system. So that’s it.



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